What is Cross Training?

  • The development of mobility, speed, power, strength, and anaerobic and aerobic conditioning to improve sport performance

  • Some elements are incorporated into fencing classes but the bulk of this training is done outside of fencing sessions

  • Cross Training can be done in the form of Strength & Conditioning or in the form of  injury rehab, through Athletic Therapy

Why Cross Training?

  • At Epic Fencing, we believe that taking care of the body is critical to achieving a successful journey in sport.

  • Taking care of the body means strengthening and stretching muscles, mobilizing joints, developing coordination, improving reactive abilities, and refining the ability to perform athletic movements quickly.

  • Benefits include: Reduced risk of injury, Improvement in physical capacity, Increased confidence

Who should do Cross Training?

  • It is recommended for all athletes and participants

  •  Fencing is a one-sided sport so it is particularly important for all athletes to cross train to avoid imbalances

When to start? How often?

  • 6-9yo: Develop strength through bodyweight exercise, provided during Epic Fencing classes

  • 8-12yo: Develop strength through bodyweight exercise & Med Balls, during class

  • 11-16yo: Introduce free weights for general sport conditioning; 1-2X/week, sessions performed outside of fencing class

  • 15yo+: Sport specific physical conditioning; 2-4X/week, sessions performed outside of fencing classes

  • Adults: Daily minimum of 60 minutes moderate activity or 30 minutes of intense activity; strength training and cardio recommended. Personal preference and likeliness of adherence should guide exercise modalities

Options for Cross Training at Epic 

  • Individual sessions
    • Athletic Therapy with Jill Purdy, or
    • Strength & Conditioning with Kelleigh Ryan
  • Group workouts with Kelleigh:
    • $25 (No Epic Membership required)
  • Workout on your own in the Epic Gym!
    • Epic Gym Memberships: $15/month for Epic Fencing Members, $35/month for non-Epic Fencing Members
    • Drop-in Epic Gym use: $5/workout for Epic Fencing Members, $10/workout for non-Epic Fencing Members

 Athletic Therapy

Individual Athletic Therapy sessions with Jill Purdy, Certified Athletic Therapist (AT) and current AT for Ambrose College

Athletic Therapy is the assessment, treatment & reconditioning of injuries to muscles joints and bones (such as sprains, tendonopathies and fractures). Jill loves to help athletes recover and return to the sport they love. Click here to read about what Jill’s clients have to say about her.

Strength & Conditioning

Individual or Group Strength Training Sessions with Kelleigh Ryan, Graduate of Masters of Kinesiology, Olympian, and Personal Trainer

Click here to learn more about Kelleigh and her approach to training


Workout on your own in the Epic Gym!

  • Epic Gym Memberships:
    1. $15/month for Epic Fencing Members, 
    2. $35/month for non-Epic Fencing Members
  • Drop-in Epic Gym use:
    1. $5/workout for Epic Fencing Members,
    2. $10/workout for non-Epic Fencing Members