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Fencing equipment protects the fencers from injuries. Compared to other Olympic sports, it’s actually quite safe! A study from the 2008 Olympics found the injury rate was only 3% which is much lower than more mainstream sports like soccer and basketball with injury rates of 32 and 13%, respectively.

It’s not unusual to get some bruises on the arms and legs.

Epic fencing has community gear which may be used for beginner programs etc. at no charge. Epic does not sell shoes, but we do recommend to purchase any “court” shoes – it does not have to be a fencing specific shoe.

We recommend fencers begin purchasing their own gear after the first 2 months. Epic fencing stocks a diverse line of gear suitable for most athletes which may be purchased from the club. Club Members receive a 20% discount.

Any age is a good age to start fencing – it can truly be a lifelong sport. The earliest age to start fencing lessons and programs at Epic is 5 years old.

We offer three options to get started with fencing:

  1. 6 week Beginner Program.
  2. Free Trial Lesson
  3. Beginner Camps

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We recommend enrolling your child in a beginner program if they have not fenced before to see what it’s like. First and foremost, an athlete must find the love for fencing in a non competitive environment. Competitive fencers partake in the regular classes, and usually take 2-4 additional private lessons per week.

All classes and lessons are booked through our internal booking software and CRM called Amilia. We recommend parents bookmark this website if their child is a regular fencer. You may navigate to Amilia by clicking the “Register” navigation link at the top of this website, or clicking on the various links found on the age specific lessons/classes pages.

There is no annual membership fee. Regular class are billed monthly and pricing depends on how many classes are attended each week.

Fencers who attend occasionally may instead opt to pay a drop in fee per class or event when applicable. Private lessons, camps, equipment and tournaments have additional costs.

There are three fencing disciplines (Sabre, Epee, and Foil). Depending on the discipline, there are different rules and equipment. We recommend youth start in Foil fencing, and teens and adults start in Epee fencing. There are no formal Sabre programs at Epic at this time.

Epic has an in-house Armoury which offers Weapon re-wires, weapon assembly, weapon tune-up and sizing, diagnostic fees, body wire repairs, and equipment readiness checks for competition. Club Members receive a 20% discount. Rush orders are available. For more information, click the “Equipment” navigation link at the top of this website.

We do! Click the “Birthday and Corporate Parties” tab under ‘more’ to learn more