Fencing Lessons in Calgary

coaches in Calgary giving a fencing lesson

About Epic Fencing

Epic Fencing is the Premier Calgary Fencing club, and the ONLY designated high performance fencing training institute in Alberta.

At Epic, we offer programs in fencing for all ages (7 yrs to 70+) and all skill levels (beginner to Olympian). We are proud of our vibrant, engaged, and supportive community, including our world class coaching staff, volunteers, and administrative team members.

Why Take Fencing Lessons with Epic?

Epic Fencing has a proven team of world class professionals that are not only knowledgeable, but have spent thousands of hours coaching every skill level imaginable.

The coaches at Epic will deliver a competitive learning experience, may it be through private fencing lessons, or group classes.

Fencing classes for all skill levels in Calgary

Fencing Lesson Pricing

6 – 12 Years Old

6 is about the earliest fencing lessons start, but any age thereafter is appropriate. Fencing can truly be lifelong sport, with veterans taking lessons and competing as old as 70! Pricing is set depending on how many classes you take, and can be viewed here.

13 – 18 Years Old

Similar to ages 6 – 12, pricing depends on how many classes and lessons a fencer takes each week. Prices start as low as $135 a month, for a weekly class, and go upwards to $275 for unlimited classes.


Adults have the largest variety of classes at Epic. There is a gym membership, which is convenient if you want to exercise while your child takes a fencing lesson. There is also an open bouting only membership, for those who want to get right into the action and have no formal instruction. Finally, there are a range of weekly, or multi-week classes where adults can focus on the technical aspects of fencing.

Weapon Types Available in Calgary

Foil Weapon

Foil is the most complicated fencing weapon, and most youth fencers start with Foil. Foil is the most popular weapon at Epic fencing club, and such, the classes related to foil fencing are the most available. Epic fencing offers both private and group Foil classes.

Epee Weapon

Epee lessons are also available at Epic, albeit, the Epee weapon is not as popular as foil. Most fencers who pick up the sport later in life choose Epee, as it is relatively straight forward, and easier to pick up. There are weekly classes and private Epee lessons available.

Sabre Weapon

Epic fencing does not offer any Sabre classes or lessons at this time.

Want to book a Fencing Lesson? View the Schedules below:

Private Fencing Lessons at Epic

Private lessons are 1-on-1 sessions between a coach and fencer wherein the coach is able to give highly specific and individualized feedback on technique and tactics. As fencing is a highly technical sport, lessons are a necessary component of skill development. Private lessons are suitable for any fencer, including ​Olympians!