Youth & Veteran Canada Cup West – June 8-9, 2024

Tournament Info

  • Date: June 8-9, 2024

  • Registration opens soon!

  • Location: Epic Fencing Club 3309 9St SE, Calgary, AB

  • National Events: U11, U13, U15, & Veteran

    Provincial Events: U9(Y8), Cadet & Open

    Ages Categories are the participants age as of Dec 31 2023.

    National Youth Events will count towards the new national Youth Ranking

    Veteran events will count towards the Veteran World Championships rankings

    Events  are separated by gender unless there are insufficient numbers to host the event in one gender.

  • Tournament Registration Fee: $50

    Provincial Event Fee: $35 per event (U9/Y8, Cadet, Open)

    National Event Fee: $55 per event (Y10/U11, Y12/U13, Y14/U15 and Veteran)

  • Hotel

    • We recommend our partner Hotel Blackfoot for this event!
    • Cost: $152+tax for 1 or 2 Queen Beds
    • Includes internet and breakfast for up to 4 people
    • 24h cancellation policy
    • To book: Contact Jane Douglas at or 403-519-9832 or call the hotel at 403-252-2253 and ask for Reservations. Don’t forget to mention Epic Fencing to get the discount!

Day Schedule

Saturday Sunday
8:30am Open Foil

U15 Epee

U17 Sabre

Open Epee

U15 Foil

U11 Sabre

11:00am Vet Saber

U11 Foil

U11 Epee

U13 Sabre

1:00pm Open Sabre

U17 Epee

Vet Epee

U17 Foil

U9 Sabre

3:00pm Vet Foil

U13 Foil

U9 Epee

U13 Epee

U15 Sabre

U9 Foil

Schedule by Weapon

Saturday Epee Foil Sabre
8:30am U15 Open U17
11:00am U11 Vet
1:00pm U17 Open
3:00pm U9 Vet


Sunday Epee Foil Sabre
8:30am Open U15 U11
11:00am U11 U13
1:00pm Vet U17 U9
3:00pm U13 U9 U15